This style of patio roof will give your outdoor area a real wow factor. The curved patio roof systems give a more modern alternative to the traditional gable roof. Curved roof patio systems can be used as a free standing unit or can be attached to your home. Many home builders are now starting to incorporate curves into house roofing to give home owners that unique look.

When combined with flat roof or pergola sections, the elegant curved roof becomes a noticeable feature of the whole outdoor area.

Available with a number of roof profiles, you can choose the high gloss high tensile sheet giving you a ceiling-like finish and a clean uncluttered look from underneath. Alternatively use the beam and purlin system which incorporates curved corrugated coloured steel to match colours and profile of your existing house roof, or choose light and airy polycarbonate sheeting to bring more light into your chosen area.



Precision Patios has a decking system that is second to none. Our system uses steel galvanised frame work with quality hardwood decking that is screwed to the frame and not nailed. Screwing the decking boards down and not nailing ensures no lifted decking boards and no popping nails.

Steel frame work guarantees you that there will be no timber rot and no timber shrinkage with the sub frame, ensuring a durable deck that will last for many years to come.

Precision Patios also has a range of hand rails and gates to complement and enhance your outdoor area.


Block out sun, wind and the harmful UV rays with fabric external blinds. Made from 25% PVC and 75% polyester, the external fabric is available in a variety of weave tightness to control the amount of visibility or privacy required. Why not enclose your patio and create the alfresco entertaining area you have always wanted or just cover that western window that gives you grief in summer.

Gone are the days of using zips and pulleys to put blinds up and down. Precision Patio blinds work by the blind actually running in tracks on both sides. Raising and lowering the blind is controlled by a spring loaded tensioner or a removable crank handle, making them very user friendly. Add a pelmet to enclose the top roll of the blind to get the ultimate sleek finish.

If you have trouble operating things of this nature or if the blinds are out of reach, Precision Patio blinds are also available with remote control motors.

Precision Patios also offers optional remote control motors which can be fitted to your blinds. These motors make operation easier for those hard to reach areas, or simply make your whole area remote control operable.


Versatility of the flat roof design enables it to be configured to cover any area around the home. This style of roof can also be designed to incorporate several other options including the popular gable, curved and pergola systems. Available as a freestanding structure or attached to your house, the flat/skillion roof is the perfect design for a patio or carport.

High tensile steel combined with its unique profile allows roof spanning capabilities of up to 4.5m, eliminating the need for extra beams and battens for an uncluttered appearance. Add in an exclusively designed Roof Lite polycarbonate panel and let the natural light into your outdoor area.

The high gloss flat ceiling-like finished underside of the roofing incorporated with fluted and chamfered posts and beams gives the whole system a sleek stylish look. 

Precision Patios can also offer you other flat roofing systems to suit any budget.


A gable patio roof design gives you a spacious open feel due to the added height from pitching the roof. The gable roof can be incorporated with flat roof or pergola sections. In doing this the gable becomes an attractive feature point of your entertaining area. Gable roofs are the perfect design for carports where heights are a concern. Fit your boat, caravan or 4WD under them with ease.

There are many gable end designs available which allow us to match or enhance the existing architecture of your home. These include the traditional open gable, gazebo, hip and dutch gable end designs.

Precision Patios offer a few different roof sheets for the gable design. Choose from either the high tensile high gloss coloured roof sheet which gives you a flat ceiling-like finish, or use the traditional coloured steel corrugated or polycarbonate sheets to give you a more traditional style. Both roof systems still use the same coloured steel or powder coated steel beams and posts and are available as a freestanding unit, or can be attached to your home.



Keep cool in the warmer months with an insulated roof. The innovative insulated panel provides a roof, insulation and ceiling all in one product. Insulated roofing features a polystyrene insulated core that is bonded between a smooth coloured steel underside and a profiled coloured steel topside. Apart from its excellent insulation factors, the insulated roof also reduces noise from heavy rain.

The way the insulated roof is designed allows the sheet to span a long way; this reduces the need for extra beams and framework. Insulated roofs are available in different thicknesses, the thicker the sheet the better spanning capabilities and insulation ratings. Fitting fans and lighting is a breeze as there is an inbuilt rebate in the panel to conceal electrical wiring. Precision Patios can also provide LED downlights to suit the insulated panel.


Queensland is faced with both hot summer days and cold winter mornings. The opening roof system allows you to have the best of both worlds as you can control the sun and shade. Built with a powerful 24 volt motor to ensure long life and reliability, electronically controlled louvre blades can be opened and closed to your desired position with the ease of a hand held remote. When completely closed this system forms a stylish looking roof.

Slightly opened louvre blades provide shade and a breeze during the summer months and in the winter months these can be opened fully to let in the sun and light. Leave home and forgot to close the blades? Don’t panic as the system is fitted with a rain sensor which closes the louvre blades automatically, keeping your outdoor furniture dry and protected from the elements.

The stylish opening roof system can be built as a flat or gable design and can also be incorporated with other roof designs.


Pergolas enhance the appearance of your home while still letting natural light in and are a great way of combining two separate patios together, without having the heavy look of roofing. Pergola beams are available with a square end or an optional profiled end. 

Choose from a frame only or add a shade blade system or shade cloth to the top of the beams. Shade cloth is a great way to allow filtered sunlight through to areas such as a fernery. Shade blade is a number of fixed louvre blades attached to the top of the pergola frame, which allows the light and breeze in and provides protection from the sun.

The pergola can also be incorporated with the flat, gable and other roof systems.


Like your privacy? Add some screening to your patio to block out your neighbours, or protect your car from the elements with a carport screen. Privacy screening can also be used for fencing, window screens, or even hide those unsightly areas such as rubbish bins, pool pumps and air conditioners.

Privacy screens come in a number of different styles i.e. lattice, slatting, fixed and adjustable louvres. Lattice and slatting are available in various aperture sizes depending on what level of privacy you require. Adjustable louvres allow you to regulate the amount of privacy, breeze and natural light.

COLORBOND®, powdercoated and woodgrain finishes are available on selected products. Please contact Precision Patios for further information on these options.